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Snapchat reaches 90 percent of the U.S. population aged 13 to 24, said Sofia Gross, the head of policy partnership and social impact at Snapchat. She added that because of the app’s reach, Snapchat’s goal is to give younger generations an opportunity to voice their opinions in politics. In addition to using Snapchat as a way to help younger generations become more politically engaged, the app’s new feature also aims to help younger generations run for office. In 2020, over 70 percent of races across the country were uncontested, Gross said.  “We want to help Snapchatters recognize that if they want to see the issues they care most about champion, then they should probably run,” she said.  Giving younger generations these opportunities can also bring more diversity in politics and government. Only six percent of state legislators are under the age of 35, though younger candidates are part of the most diverse generation in American history, Gross said.  “Our leaders are not currently reflective of democracy, which absolutely includes young people,” Gross said. “Snapchat is really thinking a lot about how we can help fill that gap by take a look at the site here building tools that help young people show up.” Social media may also be more accessible, thus making it easier for people of all backgrounds to participate in politics, said Jennifer St. Sume, a doctoral candidate in the government and politics department at this university.  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person grassroots organizing was a major part of election campaigns, Gross said. During the 2020 election, campaigning wasn’t as direct or face-to-face with volunteers getting people to register to vote, Gross said.

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author[ For example, women of color made up 18% of entry-level positions, while only 3% made it to the C-suite. White women made up 29% of entry-level positions and 19% of C-suite positions, and white men accounted for 25% and 66% of these positions, respectively. Another panelist pointed out that though racial disparities in maternal mortality are front and center, only five Black women in the U.S. chaired obstetrics and gynecology departments at medical schools, compared with 77 white men, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges . Because of this stark gap, a number of panelists said, it is important to form allyships with people different from yourself, and also to build informal networks and spend time away from what can be an exhausting balancing act. While mentorships and coaching can provide emotional support and help women build skills, Wildes, the conference co-organizer, distinguished between these roles and sponsorships, which she said are key to getting ahead in a world where the cards may be stacked against you. "A sponsor is someone that's going to talk about you when you're not in the here. room," she noted. In other words, someone who will refer you for a new job, position, committee, or award. To do this, however, Joan Y. Reede, MD, MPH, dean for diversity and community partnership at Harvard Medical School, stressed the importance of making yourself visible and taking strategic risks, something that can be challenging for Black women in particular. "What I find is that when offers come along, there's a tendency for women, and for people of color, more than others sometimes, for us to see ourselves out.