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The allegations were followed by calls for Wolfe’s resignation from close to a dozen state Republicans, including Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester. “I think in some ways they think I’m an easy target — I’m not,” Wolfe said during a press conference Monday. “I don’t think that the claims have any basis and I do think this is partisan politics at its worst, but at the same time I have an obligation as the state’s nonpartisan elections official to rise above it.” Schmaling said eight residents of the Ridgewood Care Center cast ballots in the November election even though their families believed they did not have the capacity to vote. Without the poll workers, known as special voting deputies, to assist them, Schmaling suggested someone else had to have helped the voters, possibly even filling out their ballots for speaking of them. State law does not bar those with cognitive delays or disabilities from voting unless they have been deemed incompetent by a court. Wolfe said challenges surrounding last year’s election were compounded by the fact that many nursing homes were not allowing election workers inside due to the pandemic. If special voting deputies cannot meet with a resident, they have to mail an absentee ballot to ensure their ability to vote, she added.


When companies in the automotive industry publish annual and quarterly reports, ESG reports and other filings, GlobalData analyses the text and identifies individual sentences that relate to disruptive forces facing companies in the coming years. Artificial intelligence is one of these topics - companies that excel and invest in these areas are thought to be better prepared for the future business landscape and better equipped to survive unforeseen challenges. To assess whether artificial intelligence is featuring more in the summaries and strategies of companies in the automotive industry, two measures were calculated. Firstly, we looked at the percentage of companies which have mentioned artificial intelligence at least once in filings during the past twelve months - this was 86% compared to 57% in 2016. Secondly, we calculated the percentage of total analysed sentences that referred to artificial intelligence. Of the 50 biggest employers in the automotive industry, Yamaha Motor Co Ltd was the company which referred to artificial intelligence the most between July 2020 and June 2021. GlobalData identified 151 artificial intelligence-related sentences in the Japan-based company's filings - 2.2% of all sentences. Aisin Seiki Co Ltd mentioned artificial intelligence the second most - the issue was referred to in 1.9% of sentences in the company's filings. Other top employers with high artificial intelligence mentions included Denso Corp, Ford Motor Co and Toyota Boshoku Corp. Across all companies in the automotive industry the filing published in the second quarter of 2021 which exhibited the greatest focus on artificial intelligence came from Ford Motor Co. Of the document's 1,720 sentences, 22 (1.3%) referred to artificial intelligence.


110421-nws-blakebenefit 2.jpg Sumi Blake was having violent seizures, and the family later learned she was suffering from a severe ruptured brain aneurysm. “This was without warning,” Sumi Blake’s husband, Scott Blake said. “She would have headaches from time to time and then she would feel great, and she was in good health, she got blood checks and she got regular checkups.” Sumi Blake was rushed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. She spent weeks in intensive care at Northwestern before transitioning to a rehab hospital. “She was lucky to survive,” Scott Blake said. “The statistics were really against her.” Join Cpl. Jerry Patrick, as he patrols the hallways of Lake Central and Kahler Middle School. The Blake family has experienced many challenges throughout Sumi’s recovery, and a benefit has been scheduled to assist the family with medical expenses.


Moto E40 Review: Only for Android Purists on a Budget? Moto E40 Review: Only for Android Purists on a Budget? Moto E40 is the latest addition to the budget E-series By Aditya Shenoy | Updated: 2 November 2021 19:26 IST The Moto E40 is powered by the Unisoc T700 SoC It offers a 90Hz HD+ display and near-stock Android UI You only get a 10W charger for the big 5,000mAh battery Motorola E series of smartphones have been catering to the sub-Rs 10,000 segment for quite some time now. The Moto E40 is the newest smartphone in this series and is the successor to the Moto E7 Plus and the Motor E7 Power in India. This new smartphone brings new hardware and features which are uncommon in this segment of the market. Has Motorola only changed hop over to this site its naming strategy or does the Moto E40 pack in enough goodies to be the de facto choice on a budget? I put this new smartphone to the test to find out. The Moto E40 is priced at Rs. 9,499 in India for its lone 4GB RAM, 64GB storage configuration. It is available in two colour choices, Carbon Gray and PInk Clay. I had the former with me for this review. The Moto E40 is a budget smartphone but it is well designed.